3 years in Seattle


By mid-July, the moving boxes had engulfed every corner and shelf of my 300 square foot apartment. My work desk had slowly become sparse.  The books and decorations that once made it uniquely mine had been packed away, ready for their trip to Portland to be stored.

When I moved to Seattle in October of 2013, I was unprepared but eager for my first real job after college.  The studio apartment I called home was only two blocks from my office in the concrete jungle of downtown. The floors creaked and the sirens rang through the night but I couldn’t have been more excited. I had begun my career and I was in the middle of the action.

Nearly three years later, that same job is taking me on another adventure. London will be my home for the next year and this little blog is where I’ll share what I see…

Apt. 108: Just remove everything and it looks big!




One thought on “3 years in Seattle

  1. Michael…………..Good on yuh !! We are well pleased with your progress in the world and you are doubtless adventuring, growing and moving on. The days of designing roller coasters are behind you (or maybe not) and new directions and life affirming work lies ahead. There’s no denying that me and the Janice worried about your getting started after your Pasadena graduation, but your having played the long waiting game seems to have been vindicated as a winning strategy. Whether by luck or by pluck or a combination of both, we must happily acknowledge that you have indeed arrived upon the scene…………..”Uncle” Don


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