Day One

I should have been a little suspicious when I woke up at 6am after only five hours of sleep. Jet lag works in mysterious ways! I can’t sleep on airplanes, so I had been up for well over 24 hours, but this morning I felt rested and energetic. I popped out of my flat and started exploring my neighborhood…

Down this little alley is the entrance to my flat.
My local convenience store is called Portlands!
St. Pauls from the Millennium Bridge
30 St. Mary Axe (locals call it “the Gherkin”)
30 St. Mary Axe and St. Andrews
Of course, I had to draw it
Lloyds of London – One of my favorite buildings and I finally saw it in person!

I spent a little time this evening sketching St. Paul’s cathedral. It’s half a block from my flat which makes it the nearest landmark. Here’s the view I had:

While I was sketching I met a wonderful family from Lebanon, we chatted about accents and languages for almost 30 minutes.

Unlike US cities, the roads here are not on a grid, which makes for very confusing routes. Luckily, directions come easy to me but the crosswalks and roads will take some getting used to. So will the money. More coins than I’m used to and also very valuable (the little one at the top is worth £1)


I have totally bonded with my flat. It was built in 1881 and was a warehouse at the time. I was beginning to wonder why there was an ornate crane affixed to my wall! Also, there are no right angles in this building… none!  Here are some views:

My kitchen has a little Juliet balcony
From the entry



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