What a journey it’s been!  Thursday afternoon I said goodbye to my friends and family in Portland and headed east. Weeks of planning, packing, and preparing ended with a quick trip to the airport.

No one enjoys hearing stories about nightmare flights, so I will just say that my trip took about twice as long as it should have. Delays, re-routed flights, and layovers in unexpected cities all made the experience little stressful. How can I complain though, I was able to sample frozen yogurt in two major US cities and finally flew on Virgin airlines!

10:30pm – Salt Lake City snack
7am – Leaving JFK in New York. It was already 80 degrees
Virgin Atlantic flight 26, somewhere over the Atlantic

I arrived in London at 7pm local time. I was surprised to get through immigration so quickly because my one-way ticket had caused me trouble every step of the way. On the ride to my apartment…er, flat I was treated to amazing views of the city. I was also treated to a £90 taxi fare. I was too tired to care.

Westminster Abbey from the cab
Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)
My flat is a half block from St Pauls’s Cathedral.
My kitchen… and me in the reflection across the alleyway!



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