I had a couple of London”firsts” last night. I was very excited to visit the Blackfriar, a  pub located just down the street from work. It’s situated on a corner of a busy intersection near the Thames and the Blackfriars Bridge.

After 6pm, the pubs in London fill up with people, grabbing a drink after work. Because there are so many people, it’s common for people to drink on the sidewalk and in public spaces. The city really feels alive at this hour.


Pints and snacks outside the Blackfriar


Yesterday was also my first time riding the The London Underground. We went on an adventure to find a gin bar located south of the Thames on Bermondsey Street.  I got a taste for the complexity and convenience of the Tube.

Southwark Station


You Loan money onto the Oyster Card and tap it to get on the Tube, busses, or trains. It’s a Londoner’s best friend!
“The Shard” is Britain’s tallest building


This was my first opportunity to use the Citymapper app that everyone has been recommending. It didn’t let me down!


After a few gins, I thought an Uber would be the best way to get home at 11pm!

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