To Greenwich and Back

Another day, another adventure! With no plan in mind, I walked east along the river to the Isle of Dogs. This is where Canary Warf is located. There are so many modern high-rises here, I see why some people describe it as London’s Manhattan.


At Tower Hamlets, I passed through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel to access the opposite bank of the Thames. This tunnel was constructed in 1902 and is classified as a public highway and open 24 hours. It’s slightly unnerving to walk under a river (a first for me) but I survived!

IMG_0193On the opposite side of the river is the district of Greenwich, famous for being the location of the prime meridian, essentially a line in the ground that marks the point where time is measured. This neighborhood is also where the Cutty Sark is moored, and I discovered it’s also a good spot for car watching!


Back on the north side of the Thames, I visited a pub called the Grapes. It was established in 1583 and was visited by Charles Dickens in the 1820s as well as Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle. Today, it is owned by Sir Ian McKellan,  who starred in the Lord of the Rings as Gandalf. Behind the bar, you can spot his walking stick from the films!IMG_0205IMG_0206IMG_0202IMG_0200

As it started to get late, I chose to take a couple trains to get home. The DLR took me to Bank station where I managed to find my connecting platform for the Central Line to St Paul’s (my stop).  Here’s a little video I took inside the station:


At the end of the day, I discovered that I had walked over 12 and a half miles!  Guess I earned that pint of Guinness!



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