Westminster at Dusk

It’s difficult to sit at home knowing that the city is sprawled out around me. That’s why even after a long and tiring Monday at work, I jumped onto a Circle Line train heading west. Five minutes down the track, we arrived at the Westminster station and as I walked up the stairs, some of the most famous sights in London appeared before my eyes…DSC_0275DSC_0284DSC_0296DSC_0302DSC_0319DSC_0346DSC_0334DSC_0348DSC_0337DSC_0358

Westminster Abbey is haunting at night. Unlike the Houses of Parliament, fewer tourists were hanging around here. It was nice to have the entire courtyard to myself so I could be alone with the building. My mind began to wander to all the famous people in history who had walked where I was standing… not to mention who are buried just a few feet away: Sir Isaac Newton, Queen Elizabeth I, and Charles Darwin to name a few! IMG_0231DSC_0373DSC_0376

Back on the Circle Line to Blackfriar’s station…IMG_0234

I can’t recommend the Citymapper app enough. I’ve been using it the whole time and I haven’t been lost once!  This is what my journey from home to Westminster was mapped.  So easy to use…



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