I stayed close to home this afternoon and explored my neighborhood. Just around the corner from my flat is the Millennium Bridge. This pedestrian crossing links The City with Bankside. The Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre are a few famous landmarks.

The Millennium Bridge was dedicated in 2000 and designed by Sir Norman Foster, one of my favorite architects. You might have seen is get destroyed in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The sun came out for a brief moment

DSC_0560DSC_0562DSC_0569DSC_0550DSC_0587DSC_0556On the South Bank of the Thames is a large art museum called the Tate Modern. I was eager to visit because they recently constructed a new building designed by Herzog & De Meuron. It’s like a folded piece of paper but clad in variations of brick pattern.

DSC_0538DSC_0549DSC_0532DSC_0548Back on the the north bank, I climbed down to the beach. The Thames is a tidal river, so I was able to walk along the water. There’s very little sand and walking on the pieces of shell, clay, and rock is very exhausting. Still, It was nice to be in a place that wasn’t full of people.

DSC_0592DSC_0595DSC_0596After two weeks of British culture, I felt like having a little taste of home, so I found a McDonalds on Fleet Street and got myself a burger and fries…



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