Here’s a short video of my morning adventures…

I woke up early this morning without an alarm and felt surprisingly rested, despite last night’s pub crawl. Being 7:30am, I knew my mom would still be awake back in America. We ended up chatting for an hour, catching up on all the little things that are actually wonderful to talk about.

I was determined to see something new this morning, so I took a walk down to the O2. It’s quite close to my new flat in Greenwich. This massive complex has an arena, shopping, and many restaurants, all housed under an enormous glass fibre fabric dome. You can also pay to climb up the side (that’s for another day).


This is my signature selfie expression

Next to the O2 is the Emirates AirLine cable car. My friends and family know that these things utterly terrify me.  But that fear is irrational, so I hopped onboard…


From up here, you can see the whole O2 and Canary Wharf just beyond.


On my return journey, the wind picked-up dramatically and the cable started bouncing up and down. I even heard some kind of warning sound go off from the tower. This did not help me get over my fear of cable cars…



One thought on “O2

  1. I too am surprised and pleased that you went for it and took on the cable car. What a view! Keep soaking up London and the UK, and please keep the posts coming.


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