Hampton Court Palace

Last Saturday was probably the most British day I’ve had since arriving in the UK. The company, the locations, and all the history made it one of the best days since I moved here. I began the day at Hampton Court Palace, former home of Henry the VIII and ended it at the base of the London Eye. I often feel like a time traveler with one foot in the distant past and the other pulling me into the future.

Hampton Court Palace is located in Richmond Upon Thames, west of Central London. It was constructed in the early 1500s and ended up being the residence of Henry the VIII. It’s full of grandeur and massive scale but also a quiet place with dark corners that are slightly haunting…



Look up!

The Tudors seemed content with simple but well-crafted walls made of basic materials. However, I was unprepared for the detail they crafted into the ceilings. From the vestibules to the banquet halls, I found my myself staring upward in disbelief. The detail, symmetry, and meaning was incredible…

Great Fountain Garden, Privy Garden, and Bushy Park


Here I am, taking the next picture in this blog post…


Beautiful moment in Bushy Park

West End London

After Hampton Court, I was treated to a trip through west London, checking off Trafalgar Square and Buckingham palace from my list of unseen landmarks. The rain was falling, tourists were everywhere but I couldn’t have been happier. We grabbed sushi, drinks, and felt the city on Saturday night. I often need to pinch myself just to be reminded that I live here.


Nelson’s Column
On the wrong side of the car but generally in the right place.


London Eye

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