A Long Way From London

On Saturday, I made my way through the early morning London fog to catch British Airways flight 53 to Seattle, Washington. It was the beginning of my ten day Christmas holiday. I would spend a weekend in Seattle and a week in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Fogging morning, Heathrow

Part I: Seattle

I landed in Seattle late Saturday morning. The city was, as always, under a thick layer of gray clouds. From the airplane window, I traced the traced the roads as they flowed into my old neighborhood, downtown.

After a stroll in the market and a surprise encounter with an old friend (something I love about Seattle) I made my way to the infamous gum wall. It’s a big tourist spot during the day but at night I used to walk around this part of town when it’s filled with locals. It reminds me that despite all it’s wealth, Seattle is still a gritty Pacific port city deep down…


Part II: Portland

The three hour drive down south to my hometown was spent falling in and out of sleep and listening to music. I occasionally forgot that this wasn’t just one of the usual trips home from Seattle that I used to take. I would suddenly remember that my home is now 5,000 miles away and it jolted me into a strange feeling of being a foreigner in my homeland.

Time in Portland seemed to pass quickly. I spent my days relaxing, chatting, walking, eating, and enjoying familiar places and people. This was the first time I’d been home since August and I was eager to explore the city I grew up in. Here are some of the things I saw….

dsc_0663dsc_0687dsc_0682dsc_0650dsc_0804dsc_0712dsc_0751dsc_0759dsc_0846dsc_0773dsc_0737dsc_0617Blessings in 2017…


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