20 Fenchurch Street

Sometimes it’s best to confront the things you’re uncomfortable with. This is true in so many aspects of life and architecture is no exception. With that in mind, I should say that I have a big problem with the 20 Fenchurch Street building (also known as the “Walkie Talkie”). Because I work in The City, I encounter this behemoth every day and from so many angles and to be honest, it’s always bothered me. The height, the top-heavy structure, the cladding, and the sheer bulk of it has always rubbed me the wrong way. Let’s also not forget the reports of it’s curved facade’s ability to focus light and melt cars (a problem that has been fixed, I’m told).

I’m not happy to complain about modern architecture. I’m usually dismayed at the critique of design and am always wary of myself when I fall into the smug attitude of an architecture critic. With and open mind, I took a journey up to the top…and I wasn’t disappointed.



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